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Notes on IEC61400-25, IEC61850 and IEC60870-5


IEC61400-25 is a standard describing communication between SCADA systems and wind power plants/turbines. It also fully describes the data-objects a wind power plant/turbine MUST (the mandatory data) and MAY (the optional data) expose.

In large parts IEC61400-25 extends or builds upon the Information Model (IM) and Information Exchange Model (IEM) standardized in IEC61850-7.


To get a relatively complete overview of the main idea of the standard and the content of the main parts, chapter 5-8 in 25-1 should be read (approximately 20 pages).

IEC61400-25 Parts



Is a set of standards related to the design and communication with automation of electrical substations.

The idea of an Information Model (IM) and an Information Exchange Model (IEM) with a set of abstract ACSI services is something IEC61400-25 borrows from this IEC61850-7 standard.


Is an old set of standards for telecontrol systems in power system automation.

Mostly relevant is the newer 10x parts: