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Version 8 (LTS) -2014-03

Usage from sdkman

Compact Profiles [JEP 161]

Lambda Expressions and the stream API [JEP 126]

Date & Time API - 🔗 java.time [JEP 150]

Described in [Java SE 8 for the really impatient] chapter 5.

All objects are immutable.

A few notes on date and datetime used in programming is found in Usage of Dates and Times in Networked Applications

java.util.Base64 encoder and decoder

Base64 encoders and decoders for:

See examples in Base64Test.

JNI - Statically linked libraries [JEP 178]

Project Nashorn - javascript runtime [JEP 174]

Garbage Collectors

HotSpot Virtual Machine Garbage Collection Tuning Guide, release 8 (🔗 original link)