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Network Tools

Open connection to a port

cat with /dev/tcp or /dev/udp

cat < /dev/tcp/<hostname>/<port>

Connection to TLS service

openssl s_client -host <servername> -port <port>

Show the route of a specific IP address

ip route get <IP-address>

Dig - network lookup

lookup nameservers (type = NS) for a domain

dig <domain> NS
DNS Types:

lookup information at a specific nameserver

dig @<nameserver> <server>

list all dns entries (restricted if zone transfer is not enabled)

dig +nocmd <domain> any +multiline +noall +answer

Echoping - pinging tcp / udp / http

echoping -h / -v

list listening network services

sudo netstat -ltnp

Wifi Information and Scanning

Information on CLI tools on Ubuntu WifiNigel -> Ubuntu Wi-Fi Client Information

sudo wavemon # F3 shows the scanning